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How Password Managers work, and how AltoPass is different.
What is a Password Manager?
Password manager is a safe and secure way for internet users to manage usernames and passwords. The user only needs to remember their Key Phrase (also known as Master Phrase or Master Password). Password manager takes care of remembering all the user's usernames and passwords for all accounts provided.

Password manager is an electronic vault containing multiple credential records for each user. Password manager uses Key Phrase as an encryption key, i.e. the vault is encrypted and the only way to get access inside is by knowing the Key Phrase.

Encrypted vaults get synchronized to the cloud storage to allow the use of that vault with multiple devices and to exercise backup/restore functions.
Password managers assist users with having a secure online experience while making it easy and convenient.

Some people tend to use the same password in multiple places to avoid memorizing many different passwords. While this solution is very convenient, it is not at all secure. If your password gets compromised in one security breach, someone may try to use the same credentials to hack into your other accounts.

The fundamental security improvement a password manager brings is an easy way to start using different passwords for each of your various services or apps. Since the complexity of memorizing different passwords is offloaded to a password manager, there is no reason to reuse the same password again and again.
Besides improving security, a password manager also introduces some convenience features that create an easier experience for its user.

Some of the convenience features include Autofill, Cloud Backup.
Is AltoPass just another Password Manager?
Unlike traditional password managers, AltoPass is much more than just a password vault. AltoPass brings a new level of security by implementing a Deterministic Password Derivation algorithm.

Yes, we can store a password you create (i.e. the password you came up with or the password generated somewhere else). We can also store multiple existing passwords when you use our Import feature.

However, we encourage our users to utilize the truly secure credentials which we call the AltoPass Generated Passwords. They are calculated on your device from the Key Phrase and additional meta-data, and they are never stored in the cloud or inside an encrypted vault.

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